Laws at the moment are putting women in danger, so I am a supporter of decriminalization (see: the ECP for more info). If you also want to show support for your local sex workers see below.

Number 1

Support my local sex worker keyrings. These are made by Cute and kinky on etsy and I absolutely love them. (I bought “support my local dominatrix”). £3.50 + P&P

Number 2

Basis Yorkshire customised mug and top –basis is an amazing charity working with sex workers in Yorkshire England. They have a whole collection of items to buy, have a look! £5 + P&P for both.

Number 3

A blow job is a job badge to be honest I just find this highly amusing. And I would definitely recommend if you don’t mind raising some eyebrows and having a few arguments. £2.23 + P&P

Number 4

Sex work is work t shirt  its really hard to find a cropped slogan t shirt and after lots of searching I found this. So it’s popped into my trolley!

Number 5

Sex Work is Work Holographic / White Vinyl Sticker these stickers look amazing on laptops. But stick on most smooth surfaces so if your a student it would still look great on your folders. £1.30 + P&P

Number 6

Swarm collective swarm is an amazing charity campaigning for sex workers by sex workeea. They have lots of items which you can purchase designed by the women. And all reasonably priced!!!

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing these items. Please have a look at some of the charities mentioned above and think about donating. They really are saving women’s lives. 😍😍😍

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