Alyce – on being a trans women

Alyce is a striking women in her 20s attractive by anyone’s standards. She is a typical cute nerd: enjoys reading and playing games . But she used to have a male body.

It is estimated that there are 200 000- 500 000 trans people living in the uk. And of all these people it’s estimated that 25% have experienced homeless at some point in their lives.

Alyce has always felt like an outsider, she didn’t really “fit in”, at school, lonely and isolated from classmates, she learned to cope by herself. But as she has matured she has become more comfortable in her self.

And 7 years ago she realised she was not a feminine man but a trans woman.

71% of trans people were found to have experienced anxiety over the last year.

Alyce from the age of 15 has suffered with anxiety and depression, which is exacerbated in large social group situations. Due to the fear of others judging her thinking she’s a “freak”.

In the past, like a lot of trans people, she has attempted suicide and self harmed. Fortunately she kept on fighting and survived.

41% of trans men and trans women responding to a Stonewall survey said they had experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity in the last 12 months.

People often verbally abuse Alyce on the street calling out slurs and following her. And when she first came out people even threw cans at her.

This has naturally lead her to think twice when going out. But unlike others who might be going through a rough period, Alyce doesn’t want the bigots to win so still enjoys life going out.

For Alyce being able to transition means that she can be comfortable in her own skin and has given her a better understanding of herself.

But she still has to daily deal with hate from others.

It hurts just cos it makes me feel crap and realise that people don’t really tolerate trans people let alone accept and respect us


Alyce is just a normal woman who enjoys a bit of gardening and reading. She is no danger to anyone, yet she is constantly harassed by people. Leave trans people alone, please!!!

If you are affected by any of these issues please contact 08443583204 // 07527524034 a national 24/ 7 helpline. Things will get better!!!!

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