Dave – Wool Fetish

A wool fetish is probably one of the most outlandish fetishes I have come across. The connection between sexual arousal and wool seems bizarre at best. But this is what turns Dave on.

The stem of this fetish is in his childhood. Dave would go into his mother’s room and one day he found a blanket, at first he just enjoyed the feel of the fabric on his body and the smell of the fabric. This lead to a more sexually based stimulant wear he would masturbate with the woollen blanket. Still the smell of the blanket was a massive turn on.

Although David’s fetish is harmless and benign it does have a large impact on his sex life. To masturbate he has to be covered in wool in some sort of way. But his ideal scenario is to be completely wrapped in wool, though this can only be completed with a consenting partner.

David has been exploring this kink since the age of 17 but I’m his later years he’s been able to explore it more openly with partners. So now he has begun to explore the way woollen fabric can be used in s&m, as restraints or gags. A way to tease him and explore the more submissive side of his sexuality.

But outside of his fantasies David is your typical guy, with a full time job. A nice guy who enjoys playing video games. David exists beyond his fetish for wool and his life could be a lot easier if people started to respect this.

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